Top 5 home-workout equipment

Written by Andrey Pilipets – 1 Nov 2020

This morning my wife showed me an article named something like “15 must-have things you need to exercise at home”. I checked it out of curiosity and it sent my eyebrows crawling towards the ceiling. The article features things like a treadmill which is hardly essential at home if you ask me. So I decided to come up with my own honest and affordable list of “5 things you can use to exercise at home”, which is presented for your attention here. Enjoy!

1. Exercise mat. This is the most useful tool ever. Absolutely essential for 99% of people doing exercises lying/sitting on the floor. Very useful if your floor/shoes/socks feel slippery – please be safe. Protects your hygiene standards from the floor, regardless of how clean your floor is. Protects the floor from your sweat as well. Super affordable, easy to get, easy to move around – I see people carrying these all the time. Just buy the one you like – on Amazon, Decathlon or a hypermarket around your hood.

2. Foam roller aka Fitbar. These are great stuff. While their main purpose is the self-massage of your muscle groups before or after your workout, I find it extremely useful for a wide range of exercises. For example, you throw it above your head and catch it. Failed? Nothing happens. Try the same thing with the lightest weight (0.5 kg/1 pound dumbbell, for example) and you get what I mean. Safe, useful for many things and affordable.

3. Small weights. Add a little bit of weight to your exercises and you would be surprised how much harder it gets. My favorites to start with are 0.5 kg/1 pound – be it dumbbells, ankle weights or just two bottles filled with water. Yes you will need two of these babies. I still remember people from my Singapore boot-camps trying to finish as much water from their bottles as possible during the first break, so that their next round is easier. A note about ankle weights – I find these very easy for your arms to hold. So I use it 9 times out of 10 for arms and only 1 time out of 10 for legs.

4. Tennis ball. Another great thing to use. Squeeze it, bounce against anything, throw, catch. Sports a lot of exercises to train your reflexes, coordination. Brand or no-name, buy it or pick it, it works anyway. The most affordable exercise tool ever, apart from water bottles.

5. Resistance band. Ok this is probably the first really serious exercise tool that sorts the buyers from the spyers. Widely known among fitness professionals and martial artists, resistance bands are tough to handle without putting all that pressure on your body that weights do. Love them for being safe and useful. Bands are generally harder to use for taller people. There is a number of good brands around. I find the O-shaped long ones the most useful.

Questions? Feedback? I love to hear from you!

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